Are you promoting your webinars using display ads and retargeting via AdRoll, Google, LinkedIn etc? If so, what are your best practices?

Do you promote on-demand recording or live events? What is your conversion like? Share your best practices here!

We aren't using display ads, but we recently started promoting our webinars with LinkedIn Sponsored Content and are seeing great success!

We are not, because our webinars are not intended for public consumption, but if you're using Google display ads, seriously consider responsive ads rather than image ads alone.

Stats show that those using responsive ads along with image ads see a much higher rate of conversion for the same cost.

Definitely linked in. We are on the group called SAP HANA in memory and always post there

We use display ads on our websites and within our newsletters. We have started doing sponsored ads with Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and have seen lots of interest there. For some of our webinar series I started advertising the next webinar on the webinar console and have seen some registration there.

We've used display ads across our network of websites with some success. It really depends on how broad the topic is since we have a pretty diverse rotation of ads.

We use display ads across social media as well as video intro clips to our webinars on FaceBook.

Currently, we only promote live events.

We do use FB ads to promote

So far we do not promote webinar with ADs, we try to keep the attention to the webinar content and purpose.

Yes! But this is a recent venture since we are worried about the email exhaustion. We also used Paid Social, Banner Ads, Organic Social, and some advertising on our industry news site.

We started promoting on linkedin and our customer advocacy program

We aren't promiting our websinars through GA display network, but we are promoting posts on linkedin and its worked really well.

We generally promote our live webinars via social media and our newsletters only. There are a few industry sites we have "ads" on, but these are free to us. Otherwise, we encourage our speakers to promote the webinar within their networks and they typically share the registration link via their social media accounts.

AdRoll is only used for large conferences, since we haven't found a ROI when using AdRoll for webinars.

Recently, we started to promote on demand webinars during our housekeeping portion of the live webcasts. And inserted a link to the on demand recordings within the Resource List.

It is still too new to have valuable data to share.

We have found that our live webinars perform better. We will usually advertise with LinkedIn sponsored posts, sometimes InMail campaigns, and facebook. If I were to recommend one thing, it would be to think of your conversion rate on the page as part of the ad. If you are promising one thing on the ad because you need to hype of the event, then don't deliver that on the page, you will not have conversion rates that you expect. Th

We haven't done display ads but we use LinkedIn and that works really well for us!

We don't use ads for webinars but this is an interetsting idea.

We sometimes promote our on-demand webinars using ads. On-demand webinars are a great source of conent to promote any time you have an opening or the opportunity to promote something last minute.

I am promoting by using Paid Social

Yes - we ensure that all of our messaging is aligned and will post to paid if it is a top of funnel webinar.

We do not use ads, only organic promotion such as email campaign, event page on website and social media posts.